Adventures in computer science.


Hello! I'm Andrew Wang. I'm a Dean's Scholar at Cornell majoring in Computer Science, Philosophy and Math. I'm interested in modeling the social network and linguistic underpinnings of social interaction. Working with Professor Cristian Danescu-Niculescu-Mizil.

Summer 2017: I studied social networks at the EPFL Data Science Lab with Professor Robert West.

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  1. Cornell Conversational Analysis Toolkit. Tools to analyze conversational data in order to gain insight into power dynamics between speakers, constructiveness of discussions and more.
  2. StreetCrowd. Multiplayer world-exploration game developed by Cornell NLP.
  3. Neon Birds. Colorful interactive simulation of swarming behavior in birds.
  4. Nanosite. Modern, elegant static-site generator. Let's lead the static site revolution!
  5. QWOP AI. Reinforcement-learning AI agent that learns to beat the game QWOP.
  6. The Land of Stuff MMO. Online multiplayer adventure game. You can explore a vast world solo or with friends, battling monsters and other players, gaining loot and completing story quests.