A package is a collection of files that you can import into your project. Packages contain things like site layouts, macros and themes. From blog templates to RSS, packages can give you a head start on your project.

using packages

Calling nanosite import [name] will import or upgrade a package. You can import a package locally or from a package repository:

Use nanosite import [name] --force to force reinstall.

The package is now imported into your project!

making packages

Packages are simply .zip files with an extra file, rules.json, that describes how the files will be installed during import.


  "files": {
    "[filename1.ext]": {"dest": [destination-path], "action": "[a or w]"},
  "dependencies": [
    "[dependency-name-1]", ...
  "version": "[version-number]"

rules.json is a dictionary with these entries: